Skip Bin Rental Singapore: A Beginner’s Guide

The procedure of skip bin rental singapore or a dumpster is simple, but if you’ve never done it before, you may be confused when the time comes.

A dumpster rental can be useful in a variety of situations, such as a cleaning project, moving, remodeling, or inheriting a messy house.

What Is The Project?

Plan everything ahead of time – create a checklist if you’re prone to forgetting things. Begin at least a week before the actual cleanup. Begin by evaluating the entire project. Ascertain the type(s) and amount of waste to be disposed of, and set a start date for the cleanup.

The Size Matters

Small To Medium

We suggest our 10CYD Skip Bin for small to medium-sized jobs because it is the most frequently requested bin by customers. They are capable of performing almost any household task (except perhaps a major renovation). This sized dumpster is typically a better fit for your project if you’re clearing out old furniture or refrigerators, installing a new roof, remodeling a small kitchen or bathroom, or adding or removing a patio.


These are all the big boys of the bin world, and they are required for major remodeling and other large home improvement projects. This is the bin to use if you’re building an addition to your home or cleaning up your garden space of large trees and debris.

Extra Large

These are the least frequently requested type of skip bin rental singapore, but when used, it is for very large cleanup as well as construction commercial/industrial projects. They have been used in nearly every major construction project all across the world.