Buying a Car – Preparing Yourself for a Car Loan

While buying a new car, the first thing that comes into one’s mind is the price. Salaried people usually prefer to take car loans instead of paying the entire amount outright. Before you go to the showroom, prepare yourself with all the information you require to finance your new car purchase with a car loan and preferably a low interest car loan. Take a long hard look at your financial condition and zero in on the budget – the maximum price you are willing to pay for the car of your choice. Once you have finalized that, decide on the amount of money you can afford to shell out as a down payment for the car loan. This would have a direct impact on what you can comfortably afford to pay every month as car loan repayment.

Do Your Homework before Taking a Car Loan

a car loan is an example of what type of loan

Entering a car showroom without doing an extensive market research is foolhardy – you are at the mercy of the smiling car salesperson! With the advent of internet, market research has never been easier! Look around for dealers and banks offering low interest car loans. Use a search engine intelligently and you will find quite a few websites that allow a person to calculate the monthly installments he would require to pay on car loans based on the price of the car, the interest rates, and the tenure.

Getting fast approval car loans will be simpler if you can prove a good credit history and income. Keep in mind, low interest car loans and fast approval car loans do not go hand in hand all the time. In order to get a car loan approved within hours you may have to face high interest rates, ridiculously short repayment period or even lower loan amount! That would mean that you would have to shell out more money from your pockets in order to avoid high monthly payments on car loans. The challenge is finding a financial institution or a car dealer who offers low interest car loans together with a reasonably fast approval. Buying a car involves big money. Do not stop after inquiring with a 2-3 dealers or banks. What you may think as low interest rate car loan may actually seem high if you look at what the fourth has to offer! Knowing what is on offer in the market will prevent those lightning bolts falling on your head when the dealer utters the interest rates and the monthly installments you are to pay on the car loan for the next 5 years.

The decision to take a car loan, or for that matter, any loan will affect your finances for a few years. Plan well before taking a so-called fast approval car loan. Try not to change your regular lifestyle drastically because of an expensive car.